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Social Media Marketing for Your Insurance Business

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  • July 2022
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Social media has the power to reach hundreds or thousands of potential insurance customers and also reinforces the good decision your current customers made to buy products from you. An added benefit is that using social media doesn't cost a ton of time or money.

In all types of marketing, you need to be where your prospects are for them to find you. These days, that’s on the internet. No longer are insurance decisions made with you sitting across the desk from your prospect in their office, or at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon. Now it’s all about using social media to be present as your prospects scroll through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram several times a day.

While it may be overwhelming to get started with social media, here are a few tips that may make it easier for you to make use of this powerful marketing opportunity.

  1. Start with one platform – LinkedIn is probably the best starting point for MGAs and program administrators, since it’s primarily used for business-to-business connections. You can obviously use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but it may be less daunting to just start with one platform as you roll out your social media campaign.
  2. Create a company LinkedIn page – Along with using your own personal, business-focused profile on LinkedIn to share content, make sure you create a company page for your business. Post company events, webinars, podcasts, interesting blogs and so forth – anything to keep your company in the news and provide valuable content to your readers. After you post on your company page, you and your team members should like, comment and share the content to your own personal profiles. This is an effective strategy on all social media sites – post to a company page and have team members share through their own channels.
  3. Link content back to your website – Your website should be the centerpiece of your online presence. Look for ways to link prospects from your social media sites back to your website. Your website is where you can tell your full story and what makes your business unique. Identify content on your website that you can “tease” on social media and send viewers to your full site. For example, useful information about programs you insure, insurance trends (such as how to navigate a hard market) and your firm’s expertise. Introduce yourself and members of the firm on social media, and link to their full bio on your website. Include credentials of key individuals to reinforce your experience in the niches to which you market.
  4. Research social media ideas and trends – One site that has a variety of podcasts, blogs, training materials, newsletters and marketing products is HubSpot. Spend time on their website and others that it links to, and you’ll discover numerous ideas to maximize social media.
  5. Set goals and plan – Once you have gotten started with social media, it will be easier to keep up if you set some goals and plan. You may want to take advantage of a free, open-source project management tool, such as Trello. It’s a simple planning tool where you can easily track your tasks, schedules and progress. Maybe you’re trying to increase traffic to your website or generate more leads from your social media accounts or increase the number of followers on your LinkedIn page – whatever the goal, you can track your progress on a Trello board or any other simple project management tool.
  6. Consider using videos – Video content can be a compelling part of your social media campaigns. You may want to include testimonials from your clients on your website, or in a LinkedIn post. Video testimonials increase your credibility as a company and can be a perfect part of your social media plan. Two companies that can help you with your video needs are testimonialhero and Explainify. You can even measure your success using tools available with Vimeo, a video hosting and sharing provider.
  7. Consistently post articles that are applicable to your audience – Captivate your audience with topics that educate and provide value to them – how to buy cyber insurance, tips on what to expect during the claims process, trends in commercial lines insurance. Creating a blog on your website for this type of content gives you an opportunity to preview the content on social media, and then link to your website for the full story. Be sure your blogs and articles are informative because quality content is key to getting your prospects’ attention. Each blog you post should demonstrate your expertise in the program administrator and MGA market space. These articles are meant to inform and present your company as a trusted expert, a leader in the field.
  8. Include a call to action in your social media posts – This is something that you want the audience to do and even better if it includes a sense of urgency. For example, call today for a free insurance consultation or contact us immediately to learn how to save money on your workers’ compensation policy. Make it easy for customers to reach you by linking to contact information or a lead form, adding “contact us” buttons to your social media profiles, or even including your phone number in the text of your post.
  9. Develop a schedule for posting content – With firms, such as Social5, you can easily cover all your social media platforms – on a routine schedule. Your Trello board can also help you manage tasks and due dates.
  10. Don’t be afraid to reuse content – Since it’s important to consistently be present in social media (remember, the prospect must find you when they’re looking for or considering what you have to offer), you can reuse your content on various platforms. You don’t have to work full-time to generate interesting articles. You may add a blog on your website, which you also summarize on LinkedIn, turn it into a webinar, make an informative 15 second video on the topic or include a link in a tweet for your prospects to follow. Create your content once and use it multiple times.
  11. Be creative with exclusive offers – Things like ‘Contact us today to receive the free booklet on how to select a program administrator’ or ‘Meet us at the upcoming tradeshow to learn about how to reduce your receivables time’ are ways to provide value to your prospects while driving leads to your firm.

If you haven’t already started leveraging social media, now is the time. If you have started, you can always improve and fine tune your use of social media. To truly be successful, you need a plan, to execute that plan consistently and to stay motivated as victory won’t happen overnight. Monitor your results so you can continually expand and refine your use of social media.

While you’re focusing on social media and gathering new prospects, let MGA Systems assist you with your rating and policy administration needs. If you’re interested in seeing what custom options we can provide to help make you more successful, contact us.

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