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Are You Ready for Insurance Management System (IMS)?

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Your Policy Administration Implementation Checklist

Introducing a policy administration system to your organization is meant to make your life easier and worry-free. You’ll soon enjoy a more streamlined process for end-to-end policy lifecycle management as you get products to market and start generating revenue. While you can count on our team to partner with you during the implementation process, your company has a role to play in creating a smooth transition.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Here are some ways you can sharpen the axe to set your organization up for a smooth transition to IMS:

  • Notify your team. Think about all areas of your company that will benefit from, and be affected by, a change to a new policy administration system.
  • Assign a key contact. Identify who in your firm is most familiar with your processes and can provide insight to help our team determine how to configure the software. It helps if this person is:
    • knowledgeable about business workflow, document automation, reporting requirements and accounting
    • well organized
    • focused on meeting timelines
    • given authority to make decisions.
  • Make sure your IT infrastructure is up to date. Your IMS implementation specialist will provide you with a list of items to check, including SQL database availability, server structure, internet bandwidth and more.
  • Collect all the information required on the spreadsheet templates we provide. You’ll need information such as:
    • Companies, lines of business, states, payment terms, commissions, billing, cost centers, policy numbering and fees
    • User information, with security roles and administration
    • Document templates you use, such as quote and binder letters
    • List of forms by state and whether they are mandatory or optional
    • Accounting details, such as invoices, statements and banking information
    • Producer information
    • Reports you produce, carrier forms you generate and any documentation you have of your current processes.
  • Establish weekly touch-point calls: During the implementation process, we will schedule weekly touch-point calls to discuss:
    • Configuration requirements
    • Rating integration results/testing
    • Document updates
    • Fee automation
    • Task workflow automation
    • Security roles.
  • Schedule time for training. We will train your designated accounting team, underwriters, CSRs or anyone else that you require on a videoconference call – at your convenience.
  • Play around with the software. After training, you will have access to the software while our team works on your unique configurations. Work with the base system to keep training fresh and to become familiar with how the product works. The more you use any software, the easier it is to navigate.
  • Test the software. We’ll work with you to design a clear, user-acceptance-testing (UAT) process and test plan. This ensures you will put your IMS installation to the test.
  • Document any issues with a support ticket. With any custom software configuration, unexpected hiccups may arise. You’ll have access to our professional services and support teams during the implementation process to quickly resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

MGA Systems has the knowledge and expertise to build a software package for MGAs, program administrators and brokers. Learn about our unique approach to creating and implementing software by contacting us at (877) 790‑1114 or here.

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